2020-2021 YEARBOOK

PLOT TWIST!  With our return in the hybrid learning model, we're going to fake some school portraits as quickly as we can!

Cohorts will receive a One Call with the day of their picture day.  JMA Yearbook staff will take each student's photo (without mask) in a socially distanced and sanitary fashion (Ms. Robbie is super paranoid and will not be messing with safety).

Parents will receive a digital copy of the portrait via email for you to print as you wish.  I don't have a timeline yet on when I will be sending those, please be patient I've got a lot going on right now.  I will do my best to make it quick.

If your learner is online only.  I'm willing to take a Saturday or two and get pictures taken if you'd like.  Just email me.  robbie@jmacarlsbad.com.  I'm not promising glamour shots, but I think for a pinch-hit we're doing well.

Don't stress about uniforms.  If you can pull it off, great.  If not, fake it the best you can.

You can still submit portrait and casual pictures directly into the yearbook software...Please do not email me pictures unless you're the parent of a senior.



  • The student should be in a uniform shirt/or fake it the best you can.

  • A plain background or outdoor background is preferred.

  • Natural light tends to be the most flattering.

  • Photos do not have to be straight on, just as long as the student's full face is in view.

  • Phone photos are fine.

  • Photos pulled from Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat are not a good idea.
    (those apps will compress the image and it may be too small).

If you have any questions please email Ms. Robbie at robbie@jmacarlsbad.com

Seniors:  Please submit a "mugshot" following the guidelines above.  The rest of your senior pictures can be emailed directly to Ms. Robbie.  Or you can drop off printed photos in the front office for scanning.

To upload photos please click HERE.