Hybrid Learning (Feb 22, 2021)

Thank you all for your patience as we try to navigate this school year.  Below you will find general information.  Please contact your students' teacher or the administrative office with questions.

Drop Off.png

For safety and to maintain social distancing we are staggering drop-off/pick-up locations and times.  All vehicles are asked to follow one direction flow.  From Church St. please turn north on Guadalupe St.  Then turn onto School St.    Please do not attempt to access drop-off points from another direction.

If you need drop-off point C, you do not need to wait in line continue from School St. to the alley.  Point B no longer in use.

Kindergarten:  Point C - 7:45a - 2:45p

1st  - 6th Grades:  Point A - 7:45a - 2:45p

7th - 12th Grades:  Point A - 8:00a - 3:15p

Please do not exit the vehicle during drop-off and pick-up procedures.  A staff member will come to the vehicle and take the temperature of your students from the passenger side front/back.  If a student displays an elevated temperature you will be asked to drive around the block and get back in line to try again.  If the students' temperature is still elevated after multiple checks it will be assumed that the student has a fever and all passengers will not be allowed to enter the building.

When a student is cleared to enter the building, only the student will exit the vehicle.

To help avoid a false high temperature:

Please turn off your vehicle's heat when you get in line.  

If you have students in different grade levels:

Drop off students at the youngest students' grade level drop-off.

Students will need:

A personal water bottle that can be disposed of or sanitized at home daily.
Their Chromebook and charger.
There will be NO LOCKER  use, students will need a small backpack or bookbag.

Secondary Hybrid Schedule

All secondary students are requested to follow the hybrid schedule for in-person days, at-home days, and those who are online-only.

Hybrid Schedule.png