The Jefferson Montessori Academy’s Council of Trustees holds its Regular Meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the JMA cafeteria.  Meeting dates and times are also available on the school calendar. Regular Meetings, Work Sessions, and Special Meetings of the Council of Trustees are held in public but are not public forums. The Council follows a written agenda, a copy of which is available online 72 hours prior to the meeting, in the office after online posting, or at the meeting.



The Council of Trustees allots in each of its Regular Meetings up to one-half hour for parents, students, teachers and the public to address issues that are not on the meeting's agenda. The agenda item "Opportunity for Audience" is provided to give everyone a chance to share their views and concerns. Individuals will be allotted up to two minutes. If time does not permit all those wishing to speak to do so, written comments may be left with the principal. All individuals wishing to speak must sign-in on the comment sign-in sheet prior to the start of the meeting. Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.



The New Mexico Open Meetings Act prohibits open discussion among board members of any item not listed on the meeting agenda. Therefore, the Council members shall treat public comment as a time to listen to the comments from attendees of the meeting.  Public comment shall not be a time for open dialogue with the speaker.




Speakers shall direct their comments to the board and not to staff or other audience members.  Speakers shall not expect board members to answer questions during public comment.  Questions shall be referred to the principal, or his/her designee, for review, study and response.


Seat One:  Brandy Ackland

Seat Two:  Robert "Zeke" Salaz, Secretary

Seat Three:  Deanna Weston-Helmer, President

Seat Four:  Christy Sisk

Seat Five:  Michael Medrano, Vice President