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COUNCIL MEETINGS: The JMA Council of Trustees holds its Regular Meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the JMA cafeteria.  Meeting dates and times are also available on the school calendar. Regular Meetings, Work Sessions, and Special Meetings of the Council are held in public but are not public forums. The Council follows a written agenda, a copy of which is available online 72 hours prior to the meeting, posted at the school, or at the meeting. (Refer to Meeting Etiquette in DOCUMENTS folder.)

PUBLIC COMMENT: The Council sets aside in its Regular Meetings up to 30 minutes for the public to address the issues they feel are important. This "Opportunity for Audience" is provided to give everyone a chance to share their views and concerns. Individuals will be allotted up to 2 minutes. If time does not permit all those wishing to speak to do so, written comments may be left with the head administrator. All individuals wishing to speak must sign in on a comment sign-in sheet prior to the start of the meeting. Personnel matters will not be discussed in a public meeting.

 PUBLIC INPUT ON POLICY: When deemed appropriate by the Council of Trustees and/or Head Administrator, the draft of a policy or procedural regulation will be uploaded on the School website for public input in the form of an electronic submission via Google Forms. Drafts may be posted at any point during the process, not necessarily during its primary formulation or update.  It shall be the responsibility of the Council and administration to compile input for discussion by the Council. There shall be no requirement for the amount of time a draft must remain on the website for comments.  The Council shall reserve the right to take a draft down from the website at any time. Staff, student, and community input may be considered, but may not necessarily be reflected in the final version of the policy/procedural regulation. (Refer to POLICY INPUT folder.)  Public comment regarding a policy or procedural regulation may also be given during “Opportunity for Audience” at a regular Council meeting.


Seat One:  Cathy Baker, Vice President

Seat Two:  Jared Rostro

Seat Three:  Deanna Weston-Helmer, President

Seat Four:  Christy Sisk, Secretary

Seat Five:  James Sutton

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