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Kindergarten:  Judy Groh

1st Grade: Alysha Ramos

2nd Grade Tiffany Campos

3rd Grade Jean Appell, Naomi Hinojos & Nicole Frederick

4th Grade Brooklynn Vasquez

5th Grades:  Carrie McDonald & Veronica Frias



6th Grade Sponsor: Rudy Pena

7th Grade Sponsor: Shawna Frederick

8th Grade Sponsor:  Dona Cassingham

9th Grade Sponsor:  Ernie Carrasco

10th Grade Sponsor: Tate Constance

11th Grade Sponsor:  Azlee Hatch

12th Grade Sponsor:   Lorie Mitchell

Students with Accommodations Lead:  Michele Lucci

Students with Accommodations Elementary:  Michelle Phillips

Students with Accommodations Secondary:  Erin Campbell

Head Administrator:  Kelli Barta

Special Programs Coordinator : Rudy Pena

Counselor:  Amy Rollens

Office Manager: Kim Sanchez 

Front Office:  Chy Crooms

Food Services Director: Annette Hernandez
Speech Assistant:  Ida Mae Foster


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