Kindergarten:  Ms. Judy Groh & Ms. Elsie Lara

1st & 2nd Grades:  Ms. Arleen Standiford & Ms. Naomi Hinojos

2nd & 3rd Grades:  Ms. Amanda Carrasco & Ms. Dawn Gallagher

3rd & 4th Grades:  Ms. Stacey Baker & Ms. Nity Clary 

4th & 5th Grades:  Ms. Michele Denton & Ms. Nicole Harvey

6th, 7th & 8th Grades:  Ms. Azlee Hatch
Jr. High & High School:  Ms. Hannah VanScotter

9th Grade Sponsor:  Ms. Shawna Frederick

10th Grade Sponsor:  Mr. Rich May

11th Grade Sponsor:  Ms. Kerrie Thatcher

12th Grade Sponsor:   Mr. Michael Niemeier

Art & Music, Library/Media Center:  Ms. Breanna Voorhis

Physical Education:  Ms. Taylor Edmondson

IT Manager/Computer Science:  Ms. Robbie Camphouse

Special Education Elementary:  Mr. Carter Lacy

Special Education Secondary:  Ms. Michele Boughey

Reading Specialist:  Ms. Jean Appell

Principal:  Ms. Stacey Frakes

Vice Principal:  Ms. Judy Groh

Office Manager:  Ms. Tammi Dutton

Administrative Assistant:  Ms. Ashley Chavarria

Nurse:  Ms. Amber Bojorquez

Food Services Director:  Ms. Leonora Mendez
Speech Assistant:  Ms. Sue Edwards

Custodian:  Ms. Terri Giles

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